As European photographers, we quickly realized that adapting to the local working culture was essential for a successful outcome. Here are the key insights we gained from this memorable venture:

Our assignment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia provided us with invaluable lessons that have enhanced our approach to office photography, both locally and internationally. From adapting to cultural differences to mastering technical challenges, every experience has further solidified our commitment to delivering exceptional photography services worldwide.

  • Global Delivery Requires Careful Planning: Delivering photography services on a global scale demands meticulous planning, detailed briefs, and above all, flexibility with time. We learned that adapting to varying time zones and cultural norms is crucial for seamless project execution.

  • Different Office Working Schedule: One of the initial adjustments we had to make was understanding the distinct working schedule in Saudi Arabia compared to Europe. The local way of working meant waiting for permissions to enter various prominent government and financial institutions, as that's where our shoots took place. Patience became our virtue as we navigated through these bureaucratic processes.

  • Efficient Turnaround Time: Despite the challenges, our small yet dedicated team managed to exceed expectations by delivering all preview galleries within 24 hours from the shoot. 

  • Capturing Traditional Elements: The Middle Eastern aesthetic is rich in traditional elements, particularly patterns and textures woven into fabrics. We learned that photographing these important details requires specialised knowledge and attention to cultural nuances.

  • Sunday as a Working Day: Unlike in many European countries, Sunday is considered a regular working day in Saudi Arabia. 

  • Consistency in Photography Process: Maintaining a consistent photography process is crucial for ensuring that offices are represented in the best possible light. Our commitment to high-quality photography guaranteed that our clients' spaces were showcased to their fullest potential. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia‚Äôs capital and is a model of the new wave of modernity. 

  • Extreme Weather Conditions: The scorching temperatures Riyadh is renowned for taught us a valuable lesson: never underestimate the heat. We quickly learned to avoid long-distance walks with our equipment outdoors, as the high temperatures posed a risk of damaging our gear.

  • Maximising Opportunities: With clients often located thousands of miles away, capturing a diverse range of images during each shoot, many more than initially planned ensures higher satisfaction long term. Our commissioning client is investing a lot of resources into our expertise as office photographers and missing an opportunity for additional shots meant potentially missing out on essential visual assets for our clients.

Two years ago, our office photographers team embarked on an assignment in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and the experience proved to be both enlightening and challenging. 

Lessons Learned from Our Riyadh Assignment:
An Office  Photographer's Perspective