Office Architecture Photography

As the UK’s leading office architecture photographers, we bring a deep understanding of commercial and interior design to your project. This insight has led us to become the partner of choice for a range of leading global companies specialising in architecture and planning, including
MMoser Associates, MJP Architects, MCM, and Gensler. 

Our photos capture the architect’s unique approach and aesthetic, creating an instantly recognisable visual signature. 


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Office Architecture Photography Built Around You 

Customer-Focussed, Streamlined Shoots and Workflow

It is never just another project. We enjoy getting to know you, your brand, and the motivation behind your design. As well as looking at floor plans and images, we discuss the ideas driving your proposal and how the corporate identity is expressed through the workspace design, making sure the photos are resolutely you.     

Adaptability is also key. As architects and designers increasingly embrace hybrid office models, we’re adept at interpreting the layers of design that make up a custom office space. 

Whether you want to show the transformation of a Cat A+ to a fully fitted Cat B office fit out, or how an agile office design supports and enriches the team using it, we have the skill and technology to capture every selling point. 

We’ve spent years crafting a unique form of interior photography alongside streamlining our workflow process, so that commissioning your photography is effortless.

Streamlined Shoots – Keeping a small footprint allows us to move discreetly and quickly throughout the space, especially key in occupied offices.

Meticulous Set Up – Efficient staging of your space and alignment of furniture and fittings ensures a crisp, clean aesthetic.

Razor-sharp Focus – Our understanding of shape, perspective and what makes a dynamic composition – both with and without people – means engaging images every time.

State-of-the-Art Technology – We use cutting-edge camera technology and tilt-shift lenses – giving unrivalled control over perspective and depth of field – resulting in strong images that accurately reflect your design quality.

Fast Turnaround - We deliver your edited photos in five working days. And unlike lots of office photographers, we won’t send you pages of raw images to pore over but a select series of the strongest shots ready to showcase in brochures, editorial and social media.

Flexible Photo Licensing Options - Understanding that multiple parties are involved in the design and delivery of custom workplaces, we offer flexible third-party licence options for distributing photos. Enabling sharing of impeccable project imagery in turn helps foster business growth and strengthen your brand’s visual identity.

Dependable Photography Partners – Our blend of precision photography, passion for interior design, and pro-photo workflow make us an efficient, ever-ready business partner.