Tasked by Habit Action with capturing the essence of  this monumental project, we embarked on a journey to reflect the transformative journey of this 55,000 sq ft space into a sanctuary that prioritised its people.
The focal points of our lens were the Plaza canteen space and the Home Hub – sanctuaries of connection and relaxation. Here, amidst the hustle and bustle of the workspace, people from all corners of the building converged. Over coffee or lunch, bonds were forged, ideas exchanged, and camaraderie flourished in a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

Through our photography, we sought to transcend the physical boundaries of space, capturing not just the structural changes but the spirit of transformation imbued within. 

  • Capture the Overall Space: This gives viewers an understanding of the layout, flow, and spatial organisation of the interior design.
  • Focus on Key Architectural Elements: These elements often define the character of the workspace and should be captured and highlighted.
  • Utilise Natural Light: Natural light adds warmth and depth to the photographs and can accentuate architectural details effectively.
  • Choose the Right Angles: Understanding the symmetry, balance and what equipment to use when photographing the workspace, translates into intentional and focused photography.
  • Showcase the layout and design details of furniture and fixtures.
  • Highlight Lines and Patterns: Architectural design often involves the use of lines, shapes, and patterns. Straight lines and leading lines have the power to direct the viewer's gaze within the image, significantly influencing the final perception of the space as captured through photography.

To reflect the transformation our photography process was focused on architectural aspects of the space that contains the amazing workspace design.

Case Study: Revitalising Workspace Design

Architecturally focused photography plays a crucial role in highlighting workspace interior design by capturing the essence of the space, its functionality, aesthetics, and overall ambiance.

Here are some guidelines we use to compose images effectively: